Subrosa 2013 Complete 整車系列

Subrosa 2013 Complete bikes are just so good for all the people who would like to start riding BMX. Pick up one and it won’t disappoint you! 

Subrosa 2013 整車系列正在CAVS好評發售中!! 絕對適合想要接觸BMX運動的朋友!! 快速到CAVS選購一台開始BMX之旅吧!!

** Please click the below photo for the spec of the complete bike. **
** 客戶可以點選整車的圖片已穫取更多該整車的配置資料 **

Novus – 6000HKD

Malum – 5000HKD


Letum – 4200HKDletum

Arum XL – 3900HKDarumxl

Arum – 3900HKDarum
Salvador – 3600HKD

Trio – 3000HKDtrio

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