Protec Full Cut Helmet 頭盔


One of the most riders favorite brand Protec which is world famous and been making helmet for so long time even for the U.S. army. And now , we would like to let you guys know their classic and very common helmet the Classic Full Cut skate Helmet is now available in CAVS. Black color only and limited quantity!!
Grab them fast and have a safe ride people!! Click here for more info of this awesome Helmet!! 480HKD each.

美國著名X﹣GAME護具品牌Protec 相信不用太多的介紹, 大家也一定有所耳閒!!
實用及專業的設計達到軍用級別, 同時亦深受世界各地專業X-GAME選手及用家所愛戴!!現在Protec最經典的Classic Full Cut頭盔於CAVS有少量現貨發售中,大家千萬不要錯過購買的機會!! 玩車的用時,也為自身的安全著想一下啊!! 售價為480HKD.數量有限!!慾購從速啊!! 更多有開此頭盔資料,可按此 !!

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