Subrosa G.U.T.I. Trailer 及大量新貨快將到達CAVS!!

近年超火超紅的美國BMX著名品牌Subrosa 團隊花了一年多所拍攝的Get Used To It G.U.T.I. 影片快將完成了.昨天也公開了關於這大片的預告,相信大家都很急不及待觀看!! 當中主力車手Hoang Tran , Scott Ditchburn , Simone Barraco , Lashaan Kobza , Kyle Hart等等都有完整的一段!!一定十分精彩!!大家密切留意啊!!

另外大量2013 Suborsa 及 Shadow 新貨將於近日到貨!!大家真的要留意啊!!預訂了產品的朋友也請準備啊!!

Shadow and Subrosa rider – Tom Smith Latest Bike Check

I guess you all have watched the edit of Tom Smith from Bad Idea DVD. And I know you guys love the style of Tom Smith’s riding. Here you go his latest bike check with all the parts & frame of Shadow & Subrosa.

相信大家早前已經看過Tom Smith這位美國車手於Empire BMX 制作的Bad Idea DVD 中的片段. 超強的街式風格深受大家愛戴! 現在再次為大家帶來他的Bike Check視頻 , 看看他如何配搭Shadow 及 Subrosa的零件及車架成為他的愛車.

Breakbrake17 Transferr 2013 Frameset coming soon ! 快將推出了 !!

One of the best looking and upcoming fixed gear track frame Transferr by Breakbrake17 just released some latest photo of their coming new 2013 color way. Those are so awesome and we’re taking pre-order now. Feel free to contact us if you’re interested!! Don’t miss it!!

最近期火熱爆炸 , 由台灣著名Fixed Gear品牌 Breakbrake17 主理的競速 Track車架 Transferr. 流出了最新2013 配色的照片 , 太好看了!! 香港的朋友不要錯過! CAVS正接受預訂啊!! 歡迎查詢及訂購!!

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Subrosa 2013 Complete 整車系列

Subrosa 2013 Complete bikes are just so good for all the people who would like to start riding BMX. Pick up one and it won’t disappoint you! 

Subrosa 2013 整車系列正在CAVS好評發售中!! 絕對適合想要接觸BMX運動的朋友!! 快速到CAVS選購一台開始BMX之旅吧!!

** Please click the below photo for the spec of the complete bike. **
** 客戶可以點選整車的圖片已穫取更多該整車的配置資料 **

Novus – 6000HKD

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We’re back !! Welcome to 2013 !

It’s been a long time our old web page got shut down due to the server problems. But we’re back again and keep bringing more informations and update about CAVS.
We stay strong and let see what’s coming soon in the future!

由於早前伺服器的關係, CAVS舊的網站已經停止運作一段時間!! 但是,現在我們終於回來了!! 也將會為大家帶來更多關於CAVS KREW , BMX , FIXED GEAR 及更多產品資訊!!
我們依舊強壯 , 也敬請各位期待我們未來為大家帶來更多厲害的消息及產品吧!